FOI Request Draft Budgets 2017/18

Request 101001616410

My request is as follows:

1) When will the council publish the draft budget for the 2018/19 financial year?
2) Where on its website will the draft budget documents be published?
3)  At what meeting and on what date will the draft budget be up for discussion/approval?
4) Where on the council’s website will the final budget documents be published?

Note: If the council doesn't publish a 'draft' budget as such, questions (1) and (2) should be taken as referring to when the budget papers are first available to the public (the same papers which are later approved by full council).

Response 09-10-2017

1) Publication will depend on the date of the Council meeting to consider the budget. Papers are published one week before the Council meeting.

2) Publication will be in the section Committee Minutes, Agendas and Reports

3) The date on which the budget will be considered is yet to be determined. There is a Council meeting scheduled for 14 February 2018 which is a possible date.

4) The approved budget for 2018/19 will be published in the  Council and Government section under Budget and Finance

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