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What is the current time period between when you are notified that a resident who has not previously lived in your council area has moved into a property and when you send out their first council tax bill?

For example, if you became aware that someone who fits this category moved into a property on July 7, when would you have sent them their first bill?

I would like to know the quickest turnaround time, as well as the average turnaround time and longest.

Response 28-09-2017

The Council Tax section does not treat differently changes of address from customers moving within or from out with Moray. It does not have different document types or processes to deal with these. I produced a report of all change of address processes completed from 22nd August 2017 to 22nd September 2017 and 478 cases were found. Each of these cases would need to be checked to see if it involved a customer moving from out with Moray. At 10 minutes per case, if all 478 were to be investigated this would take 80 hours, which would be exempt under Section 12 due to exceeding the 40 hour limit.. 

The part of the query giving the example of "if we became aware a customer moved in on July 7, when would we send the first bill."  would depend how quickly the customer informs us of the change. This can be in advance of the change, which we can't process until the date of change, or even a month or so after the change. It relies entirely on the customers involved.

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