FOI Request Council Tax Arrears (3)

Request 101001601285

I would like to know if any serving councillors have council tax arrears. For each serving councillor that has council tax arrears, please provide the following information:

- The name of the serving councillor
- The total amount that they owe [and then, if possible, please provide a breakdown of that figure of how much they owe by financial year]
- If held, the reasons why the serving councillor has council tax arrears
- The action taken by the council to pursue the individual and the outcome

Response 20-09-2017

As previously published at There is one serving councillor with Council Tax arrears: 

The identity of the councillor is exempt under Section 38(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act - Personal Information. 

They have arrears of £594.45, which relates to a debt from 2016/17. 

The reason for the arrears is unknown. 

This debt has had a warrant granted and has been passed to the Council's firm of Sheriff Officers for enforcement.

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