FOI Request Expenditure Over £500

Request 101001596616

My request relates to expenditure incurred by the council.

I am requesting for the 2016/17 financial year:

Details of all items of expenditure over £500 or above, including but not exclusively:
- individual invoices
- grant payments
- expense payments
- payments for goods and services
- transactions with other public bodies

For each individual item of expenditure, please provide:
- date it was incurred
- department which incurred the expenditure
- beneficiary
- amount
- merchant category

Please provide this information in electronic form, in a spreadsheet (.CSV file or equivalent).

Response 20-09-2017

Please find attached in PDF format HERE (sent in excel directly to requester) 

The following notes should be observed:

In respect of potential Data Protection breaches (Information exempt under Section 38(1)(b)- Information which could identify individuals):

  • We have not included the beneficiaries of Sundry Suppliers with the exception of Sundry BACS  & Sundry BACS – Commercial Suppliers (column G)
  • We have removed the beneficiaries (column A) of Direct & Foster Payments

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