FOI Request Fly Tipping in Moray

Request 101001587671

Please would you provide me with a list of all incidences of fly-tipping in 2015/16 and 2016/17.

For each record, please state:

a) an address, postcode or location data (e.g. lat/long pair)
b) a description of the type of rubbish dumped
c) the date it was reported or located (whichever is easier for you to provide)

Please could you also indicate if possible whether the locations in a) are in a National Park or Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty.

I would like this information to be provided as a soft copy spreadsheet (.xls) format.

Response 14-09-017

Please find the requested information requested from our community safety team here and from our environmental protection team here.  An excel version has also been sent to the requestor via email.

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