FOI Request Dog Fouling and Littering (2)

Request 101001580910

I request the following information in relation to:
• Enforcement of Dog Fouling under the Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003
• Littering under the Environmental Protection Act 1980, Section 88
For the period 1st June 2016 to 31st May 2017, unless otherwise stated:
1. How many enforcement officers (EOs) are employed by your organisation? If none, is this service undertaken by a third party?
2. When Hearing requests are received by your organisation, do the EOs prepare prosecution cases for the FPNs they issue? If a third party provides your enforcement service do they prepare the cases on behalf of your organisation?
3. How many FPNs have been issued for dog fouling and littering during the time period specified?
4. Of the FPNs issued for both dog fouling and littering
a. How many paid the £80 fine?
b. Paid £100 when civil recovery commenced?
c. Were passed to the bailiff for debt recovery?
5. Does your organisation issue FPNs to young people under the age of 18 years of age?
a. What is the age of the youngest person issued with an FPN either for dog fouling and/or littering?
b. As an alternative to an FPN, does your organisation offer other options?
6. In respect of dog fouling how many requests for Hearings were received? Of those-
a. How many cases were prepared and submitted for consideration by the Crown Office/Procurator Fiscal?
b. How many cases went to court and were heard by the Procurator Fiscal?
7. Is your organisation a member of Falkirk Council’s ‘Green Dog Walkers Scheme’?
a. How many members do you currently have?
b. How many community groups operate this scheme (i.e. Community councils, youth groups)?
8. Does your organisation undertake any educational work in respect of dog fouling and littering? If yes, is that within schools, local community groups, community councils, local community events etc.?
9 Does your organisation provide dog poo bags?
a. If applicable, what is the cost of providing the bags to the public and/or your organisation?
10. Does your organisation work in partnership with any third party companies who supply dog poo bag dispensers and poo bags?
a. If yes, have you seen a reduction in reports of dog fouling?
11. For the time period specified has your organisation seen an increase, decrease or no change on the previous year for reports of dog fouling and littering?
12. Under Section 112, of the Civic Government Scotland Act 1982, does your organisation have any ‘management rules’ in place prohibiting dogs entering Children’s play areas or area of a park that is designated ‘dog free area’? If so,
a. How many are in place?
13. How many reports/complaints have you received for dog fouling and littering? How does this compare for the same time period for the previous year?
14. Does your organisation have any other initiatives in place which help raise awareness of being a responsible dog owner, dog fouling or littering?

Response 22-08-2017

1. Dog Fouling – 5,

Littering – 13

2. EO’s prepare cases.

3. Dog Fouling – 3

Littering - 2

4.a. How many paid the £80 fine?    Dog Fouling & Littering – nil to date

b. Paid £100 when civil recovery commenced?  Dog Fouling & Littering – nil to date

c. Were passed to the bailiff for debt recovery? Dog Fouling & Littering – nil

5. Yes

a. 25yrs

b. No

6. None 

a. Nil


7. Yes

a. 563

b. Locally it is promoted by Moray Council.  Unknown if any community groups operate independently

8. Dog Fouling - Provide educational inputs to schools and any other group upon request.

Littering - Community litter picks are organised with schools as well as area  community groups and volunteers

9 As of 1 April 2017 this service ceased. 

  1. Hitherto operated at £7k per annum.

10. No

a. N/A

11. Dog Fouling – increase,   Littering - increase

12.  Yes

a. One

13. Dog Fouling – 169 (15/16)  201 (16/17)

Littering – 18 (15/16)   23 (16/17)


14. No

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