FOI Request Council Print Data 2016

Request 101001574645

Information request: 2016 office print summary data (i.e. excluding print from the central print room and print produced outside of the council) including:

a) total volume of Print produced in 2016 on the office printers, photocopiers, multi functional devices, fax and scan devices,
b) the percentage of this volume that is colour,
c) the number of active users generating this annual volume,
d) the cost of generating this print including the cost of the devices, Consumables, maintenance, servicing, spare parts and other MPS contacts,
e) the number of Print, copy, scan and fax devices that are generating this print volume

i.e. the response for 2016 could be as simple as a) 5,000,000 printed pages, b) 25% colour, c) 2,000 active users, d) £500,000 spend, e) 300 devices. If any of the information is unknown, please could this be confirmed?

Response 01-09-2017

a) 21,014,000 impressions were recorded during 2016. An impression is defined as a side of a page that contains toner. Printing on a single side of paper, regardless of whether the page is printed in monochrome or colour, is one impression. Printing on both sides of a piece of paper is 2 impressions. Scanning, copying and faxing does not produce an impression. This volume is generated by all Moray Council offices, including the staff and pupils at the 53 schools within Moray (8 secondary schools and 45 primary schools).Please note that this volume includes the central print room printing as these activities are included within the multi-functional device contract, and would take some considerable time to disaggregate.

b) 13.8%

c)18,297  (Schools: 15,100 and Corporate: 3,197)

d) This information is exempt under Section 33(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland0 Act 2002- Information which is considered commercially sensitive where its disclosure would substantially prejudice the commercial interests of any person. In this instance, as we have only one sole supplier, this information would prejudice their commercial interests. 

e) 387 at the end of December 2016

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