FOI Request A941 North Street 27-02-2016 to Date

Request 101001574396

We would be grateful if you can provide the following information:
1. Records of inspection relating to the pathway between A941 North Street, Elgin and Brodie Place ("the relevant area") covering the period 27-02-2016 to date. We attach a map with the relevant area marked with an "x"
2. Maintenance records including inspection records of independent contractors working in the relevant area over the said period.
3. Statement of the Roads Authority's policy under the Well-Maintained Highways Code of Practice for highway maintenance management published in July 2005, or alternatively minutes of the Highway or Local Authority meetings where maintenance or repair policy has been discussed or decided.
4. Records of complaints about the condition of the relevant area over the said period.
5. All reports made to the Moray Council regarding pedestrians suffering tripping accidents which have occurred in the relevant area over the said period.

Response 22-08-2017

1. There are two remote footpaths between A941 North Street and Brodie Place.  Please find attached a separate report for each.  The reports show the inspection history along with any faults recorded on these footpath during the period requested.  In both cases no faults have been found or reported during the specified period. 44 Brodie Place     32 Brodie Drive

2. SGN carried out work on the footpath between 24 April and 25 April.  The works were undertaken to repair a gas leak and the footpath was reinstated to a satisfactory standard and within tolerances.

3. Please see our Road Asset Management Plan which is available online here

4. There were no complaints on the condition of the "relevant area" between 27/2/16 and today 10/8/17.  All faults (including customer enquiries) are included in the attached reports. 

5. All faults (including customer enquiries) are included in the attached reports.

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