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I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information from your council:
How many cars have been given parking tickets in Moray in 2017 so far?
Could you also give the figures for the past five years as well?
What is the total value of parking tickets to the council so far this year? Eg. How much has been paid in fines?
Could you also give the figures for the past five years as well?
How many fines are unpaid so far in 2017 and what is the total value of these fines?
Could you also give the figures for the past five years as well?
Please provide the information in electronic form.

Response 14-08-2017

                                   2012                                         2013                                       2014                                       2015                                       2016                                       2017 - July          

Excess Charges Issued   296                                         172                                         151                                         270                                         234                                                88          

Excess Charges Paid        165                                         97                                           77                                           118                                         102                                                44          

Excess Charges Unpaid  131                                         75                                           74                                           152                                         132                                                44          

Value of unpaid                £8,515                                   £4,875                                   £4,810                                   £9,880                                   £8,580                                   £2,710  

Value paid                         £17,469                                   £12,640                                 £7,180                                   £7,650                                   £14,965                                 £3,297  


Please note the following:

The above information relates to excess charge notices issued in off-street car parks As unpaid excess charge notices are actively pursued payment may not always be in the correct calendar year.

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