FOI Request Polling District Data

Request 101001562246

I would therefore be very grateful if you could send me a copy of the following information:

1. For each of your constituencies, a copy of your full verification statements for the 2017 general election count, including
(i) for each polling district separately, (a) the number of electors; and (b) the verified number of ballots
(ii) for postal votes, (a) total postal ballots issued; and (b) total postal ballots received

2. The same information as in 1), but for the 2015 general election

3. The same information as in 1), but for the 2016 EU referendum
(Note: Some of you sent us this information for the 2016 referendum in response to our survey last year seeking other referendum voting details; if you are one of the authorities who already sent us this, there is no need to send it again, please simply confirm this has already been sent).

4. Please also let us know if the boundaries of any polling districts have changed between the 2015 general election and the 2017 general election. If so, please indicate which polling districts were affected and when the change took effect

Response 08-08-2017

Please find details attached below:

UK General Election 2017     European Union Referendum 2016     UK General Election 2015

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