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I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information:

1. How much money has been paid out by the council per year for each of the last five years to settle equal pay claims? Please also tell me how many claims there were in total and the value of the largest pay out.
2. How many outstanding claims relate to equal pay are still outstanding and how much are these claims for in total?
3. Have there been any cases which have progressed to court and if so, how many?
4. How are settlement offers for equal pay claims calculated?

Response 14-08-2017

1. 2016/17 £nil

2015/16 £nil

2014/15 £7,000

2013/14 £7,000

2012/13 £169,000

The total number of claims relating to these payments was 34 and the value of the largest pay out was £15,310.

2. None

3. None

4. Claims that we have had were a number of years ago and were settled out of court on the basis of an assessment of the value of the claim.

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