FOI Request Housing Schemes

Request 101001558921

Please provide me with the with the following information regarding your Private sector (HMO) licensing.

• What schemes you currently have running in your borough (Additional, Selective, Mandatory, Voluntary).
• How many licensable properties you have under EACH scheme.
• How many unlicensed HMO’s you estimate to have in your Borough

Response 07-08-2017

  • Question 1 and 2 seem to be based on English law (not applicable in Scotland). Our legal department are not aware of any additional / selective schemes running in Moray.There are 24 current HMO licences.
  • The Environmental Health Section carries out investigations into reports of unlicensed HMO’s, including as a result of complaints from members of the public and from intelligence supplied by the police and other agencies. At the present time there are a number of these investigations ongoing and it has been established that one property is currently being operated as a HMO without a licence. The actual number of possible unlicensed HMO’s in the Moray Council area cannot be estimated with any degree of accuracy.

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