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I am writing to you in order to seek your support with the early identification of assets that are in the process of being transferred into community ownership.  To provide some context – *Company Name Withheld* is the largest independent grant-making trust in Scotland and following significant funding being made available from the Scottish Government to promote and encourage Asset Transfer, the sector has benefited from an increased level of awareness and interest in asset transfer as a means of increasing community ownership of assets.  In response to this, we are hoping to identify and consolidate information from key support agencies and local authorities on any Community Asset Transfer (CAT) expressions of interest (both formal and informal), and requests for support that have been received from voluntary sector groups, so that we can plan for an anticipated increase in the number of capital applications that might be received over the next 18 months.  I believe that this information should largely be available on the local authorities’ website but it would also be useful for us to be able to identify groups that are receiving some form of support which may lead to (but perhaps not yet at the formal expression of interest stage) or who have recently completed a CAT.

It would be extremely helpful if you could help us establish this level of need and identify which groups/communities have made CAT requests, are considering such a request or are currently in receipt of support….
The type of information that might prove useful would include;

• name of Group/Charity (if possible)
• name and location of property/land/park
• asset or capital project value
• stage (formal/informal) and if support has been provided by the local authority

Response 24-07-2017

Moray Council is currently in the process of transferring the former Cabrach Primary School, Schoolhouse and Public Hall to the Cabrach Trust.  Further information on this case is available here -  The Cabrach Trust was supported by the Council's Community Support Unit.  No other formal asset transfer requests are currently being processed by the Council.

Moray Council provides a pre-application advice service as part of its arrangements for dealing with asset transfer requests.  This service includes varying levels of support, dependent upon the circumstances.  There are currently 12 community organisations taking advantage of this service covering the following property assets:

  1. The Clock Tower, The Square, Dufftown
  2. Former Abbeylands Primary School, North Road, Kinloss
  3. Marine Park, Marine Court, Lossiemouth
  4. Abbot’s House (Ruin), Kinloss Abbey
  5. Station Park Pavilion, Pitgaveny Street, Lossiemouth
  6. Grant lodge, Cooper Park, Elgin
  7. Coulardbank Park (Part), Coulardbank  Road, Lossiemouth
  8. Mosset Park, Lea Road, Forres
  9. The Mechanics Institute, High Street, Forres
  10. Lesser Borough Briggs, Elgin
  11. Memorial Hall, Seafield Street, Cullen
  12. Bowling Green and Tennis Courts, Seafield Terrace, Portknockie

All formal asset transfer requests made to Moray Council under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 will be published on the Council website here -

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