FOI Request A96 Dualling Correspondence

Request 101001553329

Please provide details of ALL correspondence with Transport Scotland, HITRANS, SNH, and SEPA in relation to the options for the dualling of the A96.

Response 07-08-2017

Please see attachments below. 

Consultation Letter to HITRANS     Consultation email     Public Exhibition Attachment    

Email from MottMac     1st Email Attachments: A96PHF-MMS-HSR-00000-CA-D-00003    p2     p3     A96PHF-MMS-HSR-00000-M2-D-00002     A96PHF-MMS-HSR-00000-M2-D-00005

                              2nd Email Attachments: A96PHF-MMS-HSR-00000-CA-D-00002     p2     p3     A96PHF-MMS-HSR-00000-M2-D-00006     A96PHF-MMS-HSR-00000-M2-D-00003

                              3rd Email Attachments: A96PHF-MMS-HSR-00000-CA-D-00007     p2     p3     A96PHF-MMS-HSR-00000-M2-D-00004

                              4th Email Attachments: A96PHF-MMS-HSR-00000-CA-D-00009     p2     p3     A96PHF-MMS-HSR-00000-M2-D-00007

Response Email to MottMac from Moray Council  

                         1st Email Attachments: A96PHF-MMS-HSR-00000-CA-D-00003 - Moray Council 290617     P2     P3

                         2nd Email Attachments: A96PHF-MMS-HSR-00000-CA-D-00002 - Moray Council 290617     P2     P3

                              3rd Email Attachments: A96PHF-MMS-HSR-00000-CA-D-00007 - Moray Council 290617     P2    P3

                              4th Email Attachments: A96PHF-MMS-HSR-00000-CA-D-00009 - Moray Council 290617     P2     P3

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