FOI Request Old Mills, Elgin

Request 101001536866

I am requesting a breakdown of costs incurred by Moray Council as a result of enforcement action against *Name Withheld* to clean up Old Mills, Old Mills Road, Elgin dating back to the beginning of 2002.
Please also include details of any payment made by *Name Withheld* to cover any of the costs.

Response 11-07-2017

Response from Legal, Finance and Planning services: 

We are not aware of any costs incurred from 2002 to 2009

An Amenity Notice was served in 2009 under the Planning Act -it was not complied with and the Council took direct action to clear the site. The Council recovered the costs of £1,251.95. The expenses of the court action of £259.71 are still outstanding and are currently being pursued by the Council.

A further Amenity Notice was served in 2012 and again was not complied with. Direct action was taken to clear the site. The Council  obtained a court decree and recovered £2,911.66 in April 2017. The debt recovery case went to proof and the legal cost to the Council for pursuing the debt was £3,636.66

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