FOI Request Zoo Licenses last 5 years

Request 101001536700

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 I request copies of the following;

• 1) For each premises with a Zoo Licence, a copy of the most recent zoo stocklist (outlining births, arrivals, deaths etc. in accordance with Section 9 of the Secretary of State's Standards of Modern Zoo Practice).
• 2) I would also like the same information (stock records) as stated above (1) for the past four years (From 2012 onwards to most recent) . As far as I understand, each annual stocklist runs from April to April each year.
• 3) For each premises with a Zoo Licence, return a copy of the most recent Zoo Inspection Report for “formal” periodical or renewal inspections carried out by Government-appointed Zoo Inspectors. Please ensure all pages (1-10) plus any pages with additional conditions are included.

Response 26-06-2017

We do not have any zoo's in Moray.

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