FOI Request Housing Allocation Statistics

Request 101001532189

I would be interested to know the statistics regarding the allocation of affordable/social housing within Moray.
I would like information about allocation criteria and how many local (Moray) residents have been allocated social/affordable housing over a 10 year period.
Also, how many properties have been allocated to persons living out with the Moray area.

Response 27-06-2017 

Allocation criteria can be found in our Allocations Policy.

4071 applicants have been allocated housing over a 10 year period from 1/4/2007 – 31/3/2017.

Of those 4071 applicants, 3670 were Moray residents, 183 were from outwith Moray and 218 were of no fixed abode or unknown.  Those listed as no fixed abode or unknown does not mean necessarily that they had no connection with Moray only that they had no fixed address in this area.

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