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Can you firstly please inform me if we are on your procurement list so we can offer our services in your area to public bodies.
Secondly if we are not then how can we get onto this list?
Also can I please request any further information in relation to this.

Response 12-06-2017

All our tendering opportunities (£50,000 and above) are advertised through Public Contracts Scotland portal (PCS).  Any supplier can register on this site for free and indicate the category of commodity they deal in.  When we advertise our tenders we select the category for the requirement and all suppliers who have registered for that category will receive an alert.  From there they can express and interest and subsequently tender for the requirement.

This portal is also used to source suppliers for the quote process which is used for requirements under the value of £50,000.

Further information regarding the use of PCS can be obtained from Business Gateway or Supplier Development Programme (SDP).

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