FOI Request Single Status Agreement

Request 101001519497

1. How much the council has paid out to date under the Single Status Agreement?
2. How much the council has still to pay out under the Single Status Agreement?
3. Following the Court of Session ruling on 30 May 2017 that women at Glasgow City Council have been discriminated against via the introduction of payment protections which upheld male colleagues’ earnings, whether your council has a similar liability and how much it estimates this will cost?

Response 27-06-2017

1. The amount that the Council has paid is £6.017 million

2. Provision has already been made for settlement of outstanding claims. The amount set aside in the Accounts (a provision) currently stands at £0.156 million

3.We implemented in Dec 2006 with pay protection for 4 years (i.e. until Dec 2010).   As it is now 2017 the time period for retrospective claims has expired for those employees affected by single status therefore we don't anticipate there will be a big liability for the council following the recent Court of Session ruling.

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