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Request 101001508648

Provide copies of all planning applications and other correspondence with regards to Findhorn Sands Caravan Park.

Request suspended 07-06-2017 Pending Clarification

Clarification Received 13-06-2017

We would be extremely grateful if you would provide us with all information/communications which relate to Calren Ltd T/A Findhorn Sands Caravan Park, held by the moray Council planning and building departments, Development Services, and Environmental Health departments, regardless of how it is recorded, or in which format it is in, or whether the council create it or received it from a third party.

Response 21-06-2017

Planning – Please note that there is a microfiche machine at the access point and they can view items below.  They are legible on screen but not to print.

The planning histories for the Findhorn Sands site up to 2007 are :

557/75  Increase to 200 caravans plus 4 toilet blocks. Refused. Plans and decision documents too faint to copy.

MP/432/76  Erect additional toilet block. No record of decision. Plans and decision documents too faint to copy.

MP/114/77  Extension to Findhorn Sands Caravan Park increasing capacity from 90 to 200 caravans (comprising 150 static caravans and 50 touring caravans). Plans and decision documents too faint to copy.

208/79  Temporary consent for operation of 12 static caravans plus 45 touring caravans. Plans and decision documents too faint to copy.

995/79  Improvement of existing toilet block. Approved. Plans and decision documents too faint to copy.

02/00104/FUL  Extend caravan Park by 10 static spaces to 160 holiday. Approved . Approval and plans attached in Appendix 1.Paper copy sent direct to requester

07/02266FUL  Installation of 16 static caravans. Approved. Approval and plans attached in Appendix 1. Paper copy sent direct to requester

Building Standards Response

FOI requests do not apply regarding copying of documents from building warrant files therefore this information is exempt under Section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002- Information Otherwise Accessible.The Building (Procedure)(Scotland) Regulations 2004 are applicable and application should be made via the copy documents process. For residential buildings only the owner/tenant, prospective owner/tenant etc is entitled to a copy.

Further information is available on our website.

Copies of email and documents have been provided directly to the requester of correspondence from Moray Council to Calren Ltd.

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