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If your organisation does NOT collect commercial waste from businesses please skip to question 3. Otherwise please continue to question 1.

1: Do you use the EDOC system for commercial waste? (
1b, If not, are there any specific reasons why it has not been implemented?
2: What commercial waste streams do you collect?
Please answer yes or no.
Mixed Recycling:
Other (Please describe):

3: Do you enforce Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990? (Duty of Care for businesses)?
3.A If yes is this done internally or by an external company?
3.B Is the enforcement facilitated strategically based on intelligence or through random visits?
3.C How many enforcement officers do you have?
3.D Do you offer a grace period when discovering a business is in breach of the EPA where they can improve their compliance? Or is the fixed penalty notice issued immediately?
3.E How many fixed penalty notices have been issued in 2014, 2015, and 2016 for businesses not having Duty of Care/Transfer of Waste documents.
3.F How many fixed penalty notices have been issued in 2014, 2015, and 2016 for businesses not keeping to the waste hierarchy. Such as keeping waste to a minimum by doing everything they reasonably can to prevent, reuse, recycle or recover waste in that order. As enforced by the Environmental Protection Act.

4: If applicable, what checks are in place to mitigate commercial and trade waste entering household waste sites?
4:A If applicable, do you allow businesses to take waste to your household waste sites? If so, what are the charges?

Response 05-06-2017

1. No. 

1b. There is no requirement to do so.


Refuse: Yes

Mixed Recycling: Yes - for plastic bottles and cans only

Paper: Yes

Cardboard: Yes

Glass: Yes

Plastics: Yes- as above

Food: - No - External Provider

Textiles: No

3. Only for our customers. 

3a. Internally.

3b. Only for our own customers therefore we know compliance.

3c. None.

3d. N/A.

3e. Nil.

3f. Nil.

4. By Attendants' vigilance and reporting together with random and frequent visits by Recycling Assistants.

4a. Only those who fully utilise our trade waste collection are allowed to deposit recyclable material using a specific Pass.

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