FOI Request Licensing Online Applications

Request 101001468386

I would greatly appreciate if you could fill in the attached table.

Licence Type

Can application be submitted online?

Can application fee be paid for online?

Can supporting evidence be submitted online? platform used for online application

Council website as platform used for online application


Taxi Drivers Licence

Private Hire Drivers Licence







Taxi Vehicle Licence

Private Hire Vehicle Licence







Vehicle Annual Inspection

Vehicle Substitution







Taxi Booking Office







Personal Licence







Occasional Licence







Extended Hours Liquor Licence







Street Trader

Market Operator







Late Hours Catering







Second Hand Licence

Second Hand Car Licence







Metal Dealer







Public Entertainment (Theatre/Cinema)














Public Procession





















Boat Hirer







Sex Shop







Knife Dealer







Response 18-04-2017

Please find the completed table in PDF format HERE

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