FOI Request Council Controlled CCTV

Request 101001461782

1) How many CCTV cameras are in place and under the control (in whole or in part) of the council, as of this current financial year, 2016-17?
2) How many CCTV cameras did the council control last year, 2015-16?
3) How many CCTV cameras were in place five years before that, in 2011-12?
4) How many of the cameras currently in use run on old technology like VHS?
5) How many of the cameras currently in use are modern, high definition cameras?
6) Does the council have an internal audit mechanism in place for CCTV cameras ? as requested by a police review in 2015 ? which would ensure compliance with the requirements of data protection legislation?

Response 06-04-2017

1)  37 cameras

2)  37 cameras

3)  37 cameras

4) Cameras are ageing and being replaced with modern equivalents as they go beyond economic repair.  The cameras record to digital video recorder. 

5) 26 cameras.

6) Yes

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