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For your reference, in December 2015 Sheriff John Beckett QC made a total of nineteen recommendations following the Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) into the Glasgow bin lorry crash (

Please respond to the following questions:
1.1 What, if any, medical and sickness absence information does the Council require from applicants for waste collection driver positions, before it makes an offer of employment to such individuals?
1.2 Does the Council, before making an offer of employment to an applicant for a waste collection driver position, require a medical report from the applicant’s GP to establish whether the applicant has any health related driving issues?  
1.3  What, if any, health related questions are an applicant’s referees required to respond to before the Council makes an offer of employment to an individual applying for a waste collection driver position?
1.4  What procedures, if any, does the Council have in place to verify the medical and sickness information provided by applicants for waste collection driver positions and their referees?
1.5  Since Sheriff John Beckett’s recommendations were made in December 2015, has the Council undertaken any review of the medical and sickness information relating to waste collection drivers currently within the Council’s employment?
2.1     How many large goods vehicles does the Council use to collect and process refuse?
2.2     How many of these vehicles are fitted with The Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS)?

Response 06-04-2017

1.1 Pre-employment screening is conducted via our Occupational Health (OH) provider to determine fitness for the post. Any offer is subject to the applicant being medically fit and satisfactory references being obtained

1.2  As per 1.1. OH may contact the applicants GP where further information is required.

1.3  Driving:

Are you aware of any health conditions that would render this person unfit to hold a class 2 driving licence?

YES             NO  

If yes, please comment:

1.4  All employment references require a company stamp and signature to verify the submission.  Additionally pre-employment screening is conducted by our independent OH provider

1.5  Yes we have instigated new procedures for monitoring the ongoing health whereby in the future our employees will be responsible and required to declare any change in health that would impact on their ability to drive and we undertake an annual medical assessment of drivers

2.1 - 32

2.2 -  None

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