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Request information regarding extent of tree cutting on the hill. And are trees to be cut to the ground eventually. Can progress be halted whilst people are consulted? There has been no consultation that I as a regular user am aware of.

Response 20-03-2017

No further work is planned at the moment.

The pollarding of the trees is an accepted forestry technique primarily to maintain trees at a predetermined height. 

- Pollarded trees tend to live longer than unpollarded specimens because they are maintained in a partially juvenile state, and they do not have the weight and windage of the top part of the tree. 

- Pollarding also encourages the tree to produce new growth on a regular basis. 

- Pollarding encourages underbrush growth due to increased levels of light reaching the woodland floor which can increase species diversity.

The work has been discussed by Forres Community Council whose meetings are open to the general public and has been reported in the local press.  The work was done as part of the Colours of Cluny sound and light show that took place within the wood above the Grant Park in Forres in November.  It was made possible as the result of the formation of a Community Interest Company (CIC), Forres Features Ltd, a non-profit making company which will see any surplus made invested locally or in future events.

The work is part of a community project to increase the views of Nelsons Tower.

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