Freedom of Information Requests

Non Domestic Rates Reports.

We will publish the following information on a quarterly basis:

Reports for; all properties, occupied properties, empty properties and newly created accounts

  • Property address
  • Property postcode
  • Rateable value
  • UPRN
  • Vacant
  • Occupied
  • Year start date
  • Property description

Accounts in credit

  • Property address
  • Property postcode
  • UPRN
  • Amount of credit
  • Financial year of credit


Limitations on Data and the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA)

  • Ratepayer names
  • Correspondence addresses
  • Details of relief and net charge

Details that can identify individuals are exempt from release under section 38(1)(b) of FOISA. As we are unable to identify an individual from a ratepayer name on our database, to identify and redact the former from the list of all non domestic properties in the area would take an excessive amount of time and/or risk identifying individuals. Under sections 12(1), excessive cost and 38(1)(b), personal information, of FOISA the council is therefore not obliged to provide these names. There is an exception made to this exclusion for the credit report, due to the very limited number of ratepayers included on it.

  • Account reference numbers

These are confidential as they are used as part of the security process when account holders contact the council.

  • Start and end dates of liability

Following changes in the software that is used, the date that liabilities began is not recorded in a manner that enables us to provide an accurate response for all non domestic properties and will therefore only be provided for newly created accounts. The current financial year start date is listed for all older accounts.

  • Property owners

The ratepayer is the person liable to pay the charge. In many cases this may be a leaseholder rather than an owner. It is not possible to identify owners from our records.

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