Building Standards Fees and Charges

Building Standards Charges for the Financial Years - 2021/22


Item Cost 2021/22
Building Warrant Fees Set by Scottish Government, see current table of fees

Letters of Comfort (LTC):

Confirmation of completion

Property Inspection of unauthorised works (for up to 2 site visits)

LTC visit 3, and each subsequent visit





Building Standards Pre application check £86.00
For major construction projects requiring Building Standards input to the design process £137.00 per hour
Section 50 (Licensing) Certificate £60.00

Copy Documents - Building Warrants & Certificate of Completion 

With Reference Number

Without Reference Number (Includes Search Retrieval fee)

Cost of Documents

A4 Plans

A3 Plans

A2 Plans

A1 Plans

Microfiche and Digital Copies - any amount total cost










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