Help to pay your rent and council tax

Housing Benefit

Housing benefit is a government scheme run by councils, to help people on low incomes pay for their rent.  Some people will continue to get housing benefit but it is gradually being replaced by Universal Credit.

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a single monthly payment which helps people on a low income or out of work with their living costs, including paying their rent. For more information please visit the Universal Credit website

If you need support to make a claim for Universal Credit you can contact ‘Help to Claim’ at Citizens Advice on 01343 550088.

The following leaflets may be useful for those looking to find out more about Universal Credit: 

Council Tax Reduction

Council tax reduction is a Scottish Government scheme to help you pay your council tax.  It is based on the income and savings of household members, and you can apply for council tax reduction if you are a homeowner, private renter or a council tenant.

The amount you receive will be based on the money you and your partner have coming in and going out, any capital you have and your circumstances, such as the size of your family, age of your children, and so on.

Second adult rebate is help with your council tax if you share a home with one or more adults who is not your partner.  If they are not paying you rent, aged 18 or over, not liable for council tax themselves, and not your partner, you may be entitled to second adult rebate.  Your income and savings will not affect this claim.

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