LAC Manual - Part 3 Informal Kinship Care

3.1 Informal Kinship Care

Informal Kinship Care Placements are those made by parents with a relative where there have been no prior social work concerns.
In these circumstances, the child will not be considered to be Looked After.

If the Named Person becomes aware that a child is no longer living with their parents, or parent/s notify the Local Authority that their child is living with someone else, they can discuss the situation with the Kinship Care worker to agree the standing of the placement eg is the child in an informal kinship care placement or would it be considered private fostering.

If it appears to be an Informal Kinship Care Placement the kinship care worker should establish if
• the child or their family are known to Social Work by checking CareFirst1
• the Named Person or parents have any concerns about the placement
• the Named Person or parents can confirm that the person with who the child is placed is indeed a relative
• the Named Person or parent knows of any legal or statutory reasons why the placement should not continue.

If there are immediate concerns for the welfare of the child, child protection proceedings should be followed.

If there are wellbeing concerns for the child, the kinship care worker should advise the Named Person.

If there are no concerns and the checks have proved satisfactory, the placement can continue with no further input from the Local authority but the  Named Person should advise the Kinship Carer  of the support available to them via Children 1st and Mentor UK.

Placements made by parents with friends may fall within the remit of Private Fostering.  If staff are aware of such arrangements they should contact the Kinship Worker for advice and guidance.

Further information to help distinguish between formal and informal kinship care and private fostering can be found in this flow chart.
The kinship Care worker should ensure that they record the advice given and reasons for it on Care First under both the child and carers names.

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