Antisocial Behaviour - Frequently Asked Questions

What if groups are gathering near my house, but not really doing much?

Ask yourself, are they really doing any harm? If the answer is no, leave them be.

What if we are continually having problems in our street?

Keep a diary for a week or two detailing exactly what’s happening then talk to your local Community Beat Officer or contact the  Antisocial Behaviour Officer: Tel 0800 5877197 or Email

What if I see youths drinking alcohol and behaving irresponsibly as a result?

The Police have powers to confiscate alcohol from underage drinkers.

What if I see damage being done but don’t know who the offender is?

Call the police immediately. Be prepared to give a description and a statement, if necessary.

What if I go out to speak to them and they get nasty or abusive?

DON’T be confrontational. Speak to the parents or speak to the Police.

What if I am a council or housing association tenant and am having problems with my neighbours?

Speak to your Housing Officer as action may be taken under the tenancy agreement.

What if the problems I am experiencing are a nuisance but do not involve kids?

The law in relation to antisocial behaviour and harassment applies to all ages.

What if I’ve got kids playing in the street on bikes or with balls, and they annoy me?

Ask yourself ‘Did I or my children play out in the street?’ It is  not against the law to play in the street.

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Antisocial Behaviour

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