Non-Domestic Rates FAQs - Rateable Value

I am thinking of using a property as a self catering unit or Bed and Breakfast.  What do I need to do?

If you make your self catering unit available for more than 140 days a year or you provide bed-and-breakfast for more than six people at any one time, you will have to pay non-domestic rates. You will also pay council tax on the part of your property you use as your home.  
You should contact the Assessor to discuss this, as they are responsible for making the decision as to whether the property is wholly or partly removed from the Council Tax Valuation List and wholly or partly entered on the Non Domestic Valuation Roll.  

I am no longer using my property for for Self Catering purposes. What do I do?

If you are no longer using your property for Self Catering purposes (e.g the property has been sold or you have secured a long term let) tell us by completing a change of circumstances form (PDF).  You should also tell the Assessors Office as the property may need to be removed from the Non Domestic Valuation Roll and entered on the Council Tax Valuation list.

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