Non-Domestic Rates - Difficulties Paying FAQs

What happens if I don't pay my rates?

If the full amount requested is not paid by the due date or the instalments are not paid in accordance with the payment instructions on the demand notice, a Final Notice will be issued. This will give you fourteen days to pay the whole amount due (not just what is in arrears). If the whole amount is not paid, we will apply to the Court for a Summary Warrant, together with a 10% surcharge. You will receive a letter requesting payment of the balance of your account plus the 10% surcharge.  If this is not paid, the Council’s firm of Sheriff Officers will take steps to enforce payment of the debt.

I am having difficulty paying my rates and have received a Final Notice/Summary Warrant Notice

If you fall into arrears or have difficulty paying, please contact us immediately. We may be able to offer a Special Arrangement. If the debt is with the Sheriff Officers contact them direct to discuss a repayment plan.

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