Non-Domestic Rates FAQs - Rateable Value

I have two tenants in my property and want them to get separate rates bills. How can this be done?

The property may require to be split but this will have to be determined by the Assessor.  Please contact the Assessor to discuss the matter further.  Should the property be split, the Assessor will inform us. We will then issue two separate rates bills, one for each property.

This also applies if two or more properties are merged together. We would issue one rates bill incorporating all the properties together.

I am thinking of working from home. What do I need to do?

If you are thinking of working from home you may be liable for non-domestic rates on the part used solely for work purposes.  You will need to contact the Assessors Office to determine whether the part of the property should be entered onto the Valuation Roll.  If the property is entered on the roll a rates bill will be issued according to the rateable value set by the Assessor.  

I am preparing a business plan for a new business.  Can you provide me with further details?

Please contact the Assessor and they will determine whether your business should be rated. If and when your business is rated the Assessors will set a Rateable Value for the property. Once we receive notification of the new entry we will then be in a position to issue you with a demand for Non Domestic Rates.

To calculate the amount you have to pay, multiply your Rateable Value by the National Rate Poundage. The current rate poundage for 2018/19 is 48.0p.  (eg 1000 rv x 0.480). For properties with a rateable value of over £51000, the rates poundage is 50.6p, as there is a Large Property Supplement of 2.6p.

You might be entitled to relief from the Small Business Bonus Scheme

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