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Business Continuity - What Should My Business Do?

Should my business do something about Business Continuity Management?

“Whilst bombs, fires and floods capture the headlines, almost 90% of business-threatening incidents are quiet catastrophes that go unreported in the media but can have a devastating impact on an organisation’s ability to function.” Business Continuity Good Practice Guidelines

There are many risks to the continuation of service delivery for any organisation. It is essential for managers to take time to consider the main aspects of their business and processes which include:

  • Identify key activities and staff working in these areas
  • Identify service area / business activities or processes where any failure (eg of equipment, utilities, suppliers) could lead to a major business interruption
  • Identify and assess all internal and external risks for these key areas
  • Work out the impact of these risks
  • Make plans to reduce either the likelihood or the impact of these risks
  • Exercise (test) the plan to make sure that you and your staff know what to do
  • Review them regularly.

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