Case 077 - Newfield House - Lossiemouth Road - Elgin

Vary conditions 11 and 12 of planning consent ref 09/02161/APP for erection of 8 flats and conditions 5 and 6 of planning consent ref 11/00233/APP for erection of 4 flats to allow for revised location of cycleway at Newfield House, Lossiemouth Road, Elgin.

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Application:  12/00652/APP


Date of PublicationType of DocumentDocument Name
26/3/13NoticeNotice of Review
26/3/13PapersGrounds for Review and Supporting Documents  1 and  2
26/3/13LetterAcknowledgement Letter
26/3/13LetterInterested Parties Notification
11/4/13LetterTransportation Response
14/6/13NoticeDecision Notice

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