Findhorn & Kinloss Community Council

Chairperson: Anne Skene



Contact details for chairperson and secretary can be found here (downloaded as a PDF)

Meeting Details: Please contact the Community Council directly the information below may have changed due to Government restrictions.

Venue: James Milne Institute, Findhorn or Kinloss Church of Scotland Hall
Frequency: Monthly
Meeting Dates: Last Thursday of the month
Date/Time: 7.00 pm

Area Covered

Community Council 3 - Findhorn and Kinloss

3A Findhorn (5 seats) - Findhorn

3B Kinloss (5 seats) - Kinloss, Mill of Grange, Milton of Grange, East Grange, Cassieford, Kinloss Barracks, Seapark, Woodside, Newton of Struthers, Cassieford, Hatton, Damhead, Muirhead, Milton Brodie, Miltonhall

Download Map (PDF) Oct 2021-2025 


10 seats total, 5 members required as minimum.

  1. Diane Anderson (Findhorn)
  2. Sue Dominey (Findhorn)
  3. Rupert Hutchinson (Findhorn)
  4. Maggie La Tourelle (Findhorn)
  5. Anne Skene (Findhorn)
  6. Claire Brenton (Kinloss
  7. James Hynam (Kinloss)
  8. Shaun Moat (Kinloss)
  9. Jenifer O'Hagan (Kinloss) 
  10. Colin Shreenan (Kinloss)


Associate Members

  • None appointed

Vacant seats may be filled by co-option, please contact the Community Council.

Contact Us

Community Council Liaison Officer

07890 275547

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