Trust Funds

The Moray Council acts as sole trustee for 60 trust funds and is one of several trustees for a further 5 funds.

The trust funds administered by the Council relate to educational grants, the improvement and upkeep of public amenities, financial assistance for people in need or to help local people fulfil cultural, social or recreational goals.  The relevant trust categories are detailed below.  The trusts administered by the Council that fall under each heading are listed under the geographical area to which they apply.





The terms and conditions of many of these trusts are specific as to who can apply for funding and/or are restricted to certain towns or areas of Moray.

If you are uncertain whether you meet the terms of any given trust and would wish to apply for funding, please complete the attached generic application form with your details.  The Councils officers will then be able to advise you as to whether any of the trusts it administers could provide financial assistance.


To maximise the benefits of the numerous trusts administered by the Council consideration is being given to how best to reorganise the Councils trust portfolio.  During any reorganisation process, the funds available under a particular trust will not be available for disbursement. This webpage and its attached links will be regularly updated to keep the public advised as to the availability of particular trust funds and the ongoing reorganisation process.  As part of the reorganisation process, the council will be improving the information available about the trusts it administers.  More detailed trust information about a particular trust can, in the meantime, be obtained from Accountancy.

Applications for Funding

If you are interested in applying for trust funding, please complete the standard application form which are available in the following formats:

Application Form (PDF)     (21 KB)

Application Form (Word)   (21 KB)

Application Form (Excel)    (34 KB)

The form can be emailed to or submitted in the post to Trust Accountant, The Moray Council, Council Offices, High Street, Elgin, IV30 1BX.

If you require any assistance in completing the form please contact Accountancy on 01343 563125 or email

Annual Accounts

Trust Funds Annual Accounts 2015-16 (PDF) (34KB)

Trust Funds Annual Accounts 2014-15 (PDF)  (161 KB)

Trust Funds Annual Accounts 2013-14 (PDF)  (28 KB)


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