Adverse Weather Procedures

Do Education & Social Care have an adverse weather procedure?

Education & Social Care has a very clearly prepared storm warning procedure. All Head teachers have complete discretion to close their school in anticipated storm conditions that would put pupils at risk. Where possible, head teachers endeavour to contact parents to let them know of such a decision. However, this cannot be guaranteed, thus it is of vital importance that the head teacher is kept up to date with contact telephone numbers in order to cover all emergencies. Every care is taken to try to ensure that pupils are not sent out in dangerous conditions.

Adverse weather conditions could result in the retention of children in schools, or at nearby addresses, and all head teachers will request parents to nominate relatives or friends as an emergency contact who can, in an emergency, look after their children. Each school has an adverse weather procedure and full details are available from the head teacher.

What is the procedure of a school is closed early?

Where a decision has been taken for a school to close early, every effort will be made to contact parents/emergency contacts to advise of the arrangements made.

No child in attendance at a nursery or primary school will be dismissed early without contact being made with the parent/emergency contact and will remain in the care of nursery/school staff until the parent/emergency contact has been advised of the arrangements made.

Pupils attending secondary schools may be dismissed without this contact having been made in every case. Efforts will be made to contact parents where special circumstances relating to an individual are known, or a written request has been made by parents for this contact to be made.

How else will I be updated on school closure information

Announcements regarding all school closures will be made on local and national radio stations (Moray Firth Radio and BBC Radio Scotland).  Information will also be published on and on Twitter - @theMorayCouncil.  School closure information can also be accessed by contacting the school through the School Information Line.

What is the School Information Line?

The School Information Line is an automated service relaying messages between schools and parents. The telephone number for parents/guardians to call is 0870 054 9999, calls to this number will be charged a 2p per minute service charge plus your call providers access charge. You will need to enter the school personal identification number (PIN) listed here. You will then be given the following menu options:

Key 1 - for severe weather conditions

Key 2 - to leave a non-urgent message

Key 3 - for general school information

Key 4 - to key in the PIN for another school

Key # - to end call

When should I supply the school with emergency contact information?

It is very important for schools to maintain an up to date emergency telephone contact number for each pupil. To this end such information will be sought by the school to be updated annually at the start of each school session. Should there be any changes during the year parents are requested to advise the school immediately of such changes. This is of particular importance when dealing with pupils who are transported to school. (Look at "Pupil Transport" for further information.)

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