Children's Panel and Highland and Moray Area Support Team

Children's Panel

The Children's Panel makes vital decisions about vulnerable children in need of care or who have offended, at a Children's Hearing. Each hearing is a lay tribunal involving three members of the panel and must consist of at least one man and one woman. It should also where possible reflect a mix of ages and experience.

The hearing is usually held in a relatively informal setting and is chaired by one of the panel members.

View an Introduction to Children's Hearings video.

Highland and Moray Area Support Team (AST)

The Highland and Moray Area Support Team (AST) is made up of a group of volunteers, along with 3 local authority representatives, who carry out functions on behalf of the National Convener to support members of the Highland and Moray Children’s Panel, who sit on children’s hearings in their area.

The role of the AST is to:-

  • recommend to the National Convener persons for appointment to Children's Panel Membership
  • recommend or not existing Panel Members for re-appointment
  • recommend Panel Members for the position of Lead Panel Representative, when appropriate
  • monitor the performance of Children's Panel Members at Children's Hearings

The recruitment of Panel Members takes place annually, usually in September. Children’s Hearings Scotland runs the recruitment campaign with recruitment meetings held locally. Preliminary interviews are held during October with final interviews in November.

Panel Members are appointed for an initial term of 3 years and may be re-appointed for further terms of up to 3 years.

Contact Details and Further Information

Find out more about the work of Children's Panel and Children's Hearings Scotland (these link open in a new window)

If you are aged 18 or over with an interest in the well being of children, from infants to teenagers, who are at risk or in trouble and would be interested in becoming a Panel Member contact Julie MacLennan or Carol Maragh at or phone 01463 702190.

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