Blue Badge Scheme - Physical Disability

This is a national scheme intended to allow those with the most severe mobility issues to park closer to amenities they would otherwise struggle to access.

All applications go through the same process, whether you are making a new application or applying to renew an existing Blue Badge.

Eligibility for a Blue Badge

The current eligibility criteria for Blue Badges are as follows:

Blue Badges can be issued by a local authority automatically, without assessment, if the applicant is over two and:

  • Receives the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP) at the appropriate rate, eg
  • 8 points or more for the ‘Moving around’ descriptor of PIP, or
  • 12 points for the ‘Planning and following journeys’ descriptor of PIP; or
  • was in receipt of the higher rate of the mobility component of DLA before PIP assessment, but did not receive appropriate PIP rates (described above), but has requested a mandatory reconsideration (ie have made a formal request to have the decision looked at again) from DWP within the last year; or
  • was in receipt of a lifetime or indefinite award of the higher rate of the mobility component of DLA immediately before being assessed for PIP; or
  • receives the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement; or
  • has received a lump sum benefit under article 15(1)(a) of the Armed Forces and Reserve Forces (Compensation Scheme) Order 2011 at tariff levels 1-8 (inclusive); or,
  • is Partially Sighted or blind or registered blind.

What documents are required with my application?

All applications must be accompanied by the following items:

1 Proof of identity

A certified photocopy of one of the following:

Birth/adoption certificate Marriage/divorce certificate Civil partnership/dissolution certificate Valid driving licence Passport

2 Proof of address

A Council Tax bill showing your name and address. Or your DWP letter. This will be checked against Council Tax records or the electoral register, or the school records in the case of someone under the age of 16.


You can tick the consent box on the application form giving the Blue Badge team permission to check your details against the Council Tax database.

3 Photograph

A passport style photograph showing your full face with your name printed on the back.

This must be certified by someone other than your partner or family member, who has known you for a minimum of two years and is over the age of 18.  It must contain the words “This copy is a true likeness of the original” with their signature beside it.

4 Required Documentation

Please be aware that your application process can be delayed if correct documents are not enclosed. If you are applying under the ‘without assessment’ rules (see the section ’Eligibility’) you will also need to submit one of the following:

  • An award notice issued in the last 12 months from the Pension Disability and Carers Service (PDCS) stating your entitlement to the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (HRMCDLA)

  • An award notice issued in the last 12 months from the Pension Disability and Carers Service (PDCS) stating your entitlement to the Mobility Component of the Personal Independence Payment Award (PIP) for ‘Moving Around’ at 8 points or more or for ‘Planning and Following journeys’ at 12 points. We require a copy of the PIP award letter including the section stating Points awarded for either Planning and Following Journeys or Moving Around Activities.

  • A certificate of blindness or defective vision (BPI3R) or a certificate of visual impairment (CVI), signed by a consultant ophthalmologist, which states that you are blind/severely sight impaired.

  • A proof of entitlement letter from the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency confirming you are in receipt of a War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement (WPMS)

  • A letter from the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency confirming you receive a lump sum benefit under the Armed Forces and Reserve Forces (Compensation) Scheme within tariff levels 1-8 (inclusive)

If you answered no to all of the above you may still qualify for a badge under the ‘subject to assessment’ criteria. In order to qualify you will have to demonstrate you meet one of the statements below:

  • I have a permanent and substantial disability which means I am unable to walk or virtually unable to walk.
  • I have a temporary, but substantial disability which means I am unable to walk or virtually unable to walk which is likely to last for a period of at least 12 months but less than three years
  • I drive a motor vehicle regularly and have a severe disability in both arms, making it very difficult or impossible to operate parking meters.

See the above section ‘’Required Documentation’ to include with your application.

Where your eligibility is unclear from your application you will be required to attend the Independent Living Centre within Moray Resource Centre in Elgin for an Independent Mobility Assessment (IMA). This will be carried out by a qualified Occupational Therapist and will involve a demonstration of your walking ability over a short distance.

You will be asked about your medical conditions and how they affect you, any medication you take and the help you need to get about. The assessment typically takes about 30 minutes but may last up to an hour if you wish to discuss other difficulties you have.

Following your assessment, the information will be reviewed and a decision made as to your eligibility for a Blue Badge. If unsuccessful you will be notified of this in writing and the letter will include the reasons why.

If your application is successful the Blue Badge team will arrange for your badge to be issued. Please be aware that the Blue Badges are not produced locally, but sent away to be processed.

How do I apply?

If you choose this method you will need your National Insurance number or NHS Number; driving licence number; a passport photo and details of your current badge, if you have one


Please return the completed form to:

The Blue Badge Team, Moray Resource Centre, Maisondieu Road, Elgin, IV30 1RX.

Please note, a photocopy of your most up to date prescription would also be helpful

If you need assistance to complete your application form we recommend you telephone 01343 547589 to arrange an appointment with a member of staff or one of our trained volunteers. Please be aware a ‘drop in service’ is not provided for this.

My badge is due to expire, how do I reapply?

Moray Council will no longer send a reminder when your badge is due to run out, and it is therefore your responsibility to ensure you apply for a new badge in good time, as it is an offence to use an expired badge.

We recommend that you submit your application eight weeks prior to its expiry date, in the same manner and with the same documentation as a first time application.

Will I have to pay for the badge?

The Moray Council charge £20 for each Blue Badge issued whether it is for a new badge, a temporary one or a renewal of an expired one. Once your application has been successful and your badge issued an invoice will be sent to you within 4 weeks for the full amount, detailing payment methods. Please do not include cash or cheque with your application.

How long will it take for me to get my badge?

It will take at least 4 weeks to process your application for a badge. But please be aware this can take longer if we require additional information and if we request you to come into the Moray Resource Centre for an Independent Mobility Assessment (IMA).

If your application is approved, your badge will be posted out to you by the Blue Badge Improvement Service (BBIS) along with the ‘Rights and Responsibilities of a Blue Badge Holder’ booklet.

How long does the badge last?

Most successful applicants, depending on qualifying criteria, are issued with a badge lasting up to three years.

When a Blue Badge is no longer required

If the Blue Badge holder dies or the badge is no longer required.  Please return the badge to any of the Moray Council Access Points or to the Moray Resource Centre, Maisondieu Road, Elgin IV30 1RX

How to report the misuse of a Blue Badge

The Disabled Person’s Parking Badges (Scotland) Act 2014 came into force on 30 March 2015.   

The Act strengthens enforcement powers for Moray Council when dealing with blue badge misuse.
In summary, the provisions:

• allow confiscation of blue badges which are no longer valid or are being misused by third parties
• provide a power for Moray Council to cancel a blue badge which is no longer in the possession of the holder
• make it an offence to use a cancelled badge
• allows Moray Council to use an officer carrying identification and authorisation to inspect and potentially confiscate blue badges

What counts as misuse of a blue badge?

Some forms of misuse include:

• Allowing someone else to use your blue badge
• Using a fake or altered blue badge while your vehicle is being driven or is parked
• Using a cancelled badge while your vehicle is being driven or is parked
• Using an expired badge

Please note – not everyone who is entitled to a Blue Badge will have an obvious outward sign of restricted mobility.

Report misuse of a Blue Badge here or

• Telephone 01343 563307
• E-mail
• Write to:  Corporate Investigations Officer, Room 146, Moray Council, Headquarters, High Street, Elgin, IV30 1BX

All information will be dealt with in the strictest confidence


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