Public Health - Abandoned Vehicles

We have a duty in terms of The Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978 and The Removal and Disposal of Vehicles (S) Regulations 1986-2002 to remove all vehicles which appear to be abandoned on a public highway.

If you are concerned about a vehicle apparently abandoned on other ground, the Environmental Health Section will investigate to establish if the vehicle is abandoned.

We have powers to place notices on abandoned vehicles, and on expiry will arrange for our contractor to uplift the vehicle.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Getting rid of a vehicle

If you have a vehicle you want to get rid of please contact a scrap dealer. Once the vehicle has been disposed of, ensure you tell the DVLA

If the vehicle is being disposed of due to a road traffic crash your insurance company may arrange for it to be removed.

Under the Refuse Disposal Amenity (Scotland) Act 1978 dumping a vehicle is an offence carrying a fine of up to £2,500, 3 months in prison, or both.

We have the power to claim costs for removing, storing and getting rid of a vehicle from the person who abandoned it.

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