School Transport

Free home to school transport is provided to all pupils who reside in excess of two miles from the zoned school, although it is accepted that pupils may walk, accompanied by a responsible adult, up to two miles to the nearest school transport pick up point. Free transport will not be provided to parents who choose to enrol their children at an out of zone school.

Applying For Transport

Parents seeking home to school transport for their children should collect the white PTU100 form from the school. This contains the School Transport Charter, signed up to by all parents in applying for school transport. The Charter seeks the support of parents and pupils in maintaining a high standard of responsible behaviour when travelling to and from school on transport.

Basic name, address and contact details are completed by the parent and the form returned, signed, to the school who will forward it to our Public Transport Unit. We will process the application within seven working days and issue a pass for each pupil, mailed to the home address. The pass must be carried by the pupil at all times, shown to the driver when boarding the bus, and to any Council official who may request to see it.


Any pupil who misbehaves may have their pass withdrawn by the driver and handed to the school with a report of the actions. This may result in action taken by the school which can include allocating pupils to specific seats on the bus, exclusion from School Transport or any other punishment deemed appropriate by the school. During any exclusion, the parent assumes full responsibility to transport the child to and from school.


If an issue of road safety is identified for a family living closer than two miles to the zoned school, then we may ask for Grampian Police to undertake a safety assessment on the journey involved. We will abide by the decision, and an assessment by the Police indicating there are hazards present in the journey will result in transport being provided, subject to the completed PTU100 form being forwarded.

Lost Transport Passes

Lost Transport Passes may be replaced at a cost of £5, and a PTU100 form should again be completed, marked ‘Duplicate’ on the form. This should be forwarded through the school and a new pass will then be issued.

Weather Conditions

In severe weather conditions, school transport may be altered or cancelled at short notice. Up-to-date information will be supplied when possible on Moray Firth Community Radio or by calling the Schools Information Line on 0870 054 9999 with the appropriate pin number for the school.

Parents are advised to make use of this as far as possible, and to be aware that pupils may be delivered home early in the event of a school closure. All families dependent on School Transport must ensure that the school has details of a "storm" address when school is forced to close suddenly.

Parents should understand that it is impossible for us to legislate for every possibility brought about by sudden deterioration in weather conditions. In such conditions, the final decision about whether to proceed on a particular route rests solely with the driver, as the individual on the scene in charge of the bus. Parents must also note that if they choose to bring their children to school when transport has not operated in the morning, then they are responsible for transport on the homeward journey.

Pupils with Additional Support Needs

Pupils who are recorded as having Additional Support Needs may be entitled to transport from their home to the school, although it must not be assumed that this is an automatic entitlement. Parents seeking transport in these instances should complete the blue PTU101 form which is available from the school involved.
Basic name, address and contact details are completed by the parent and the form returned, signed to the school who will forward it to our Service Support Manager within Educational Services. If transport is granted, the PTU101 will be passed to the Public Transport Unit who will make the necessary arrangements for transport delivery.

Privilege Transport

If there are spare seats on a dedicated contract vehicle, the Head Teacher may authorise a privilege seat on the bus or taxi for pupils less than two miles from the school. This is on the clear understanding that this privilege is entirely discretionary and may be withdrawn at very short notice if an entitled pupil moves into the school zone requiring transport.

Privilege does not apply on those school transport journeys which are open to the public as the appropriate fare may be paid between the pick-up point and the school.

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