Open Data

What data is available?

The open data currently available from us is listed below. This information has been made available for you to use and share.

Data Sets

Type Description File Size  
Car Parks Details of location, number of spaces, whether paid or free and times of opening (where applicable) 3Kb View     Download CSV
Cemeteries Details of name, location and whether Moray Council owned 4Kb View     Download CSV
Play Parks Details of play park name and location 11Kb View     Download CSV
Recycling Centres Details of name, location, opening times and contact telephone number (where applicable) 1Kb View     Download CSV
Recycling Points Details of name and location 2Kb View     Download CSV
Election polling places Moray Council Polling Places. Point data showing the polling places for the Moray Council area. A polling place is a the particular building where people go to cast their vote(s) during elections. Various View     Download Page
Primary School catchment areas Moray primary school catchments Various View     Education data set page
Secondary School catchment areas Moray secondary school catchments Various View     Education data set page

The data above has been created by Moray Council for licence under an Open Government Licence for public sector information.

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