What evidence do I need to provide to prove my property is a second home?

In order to prove that you occupy the second home for 25 days or more, we require the following types of proof -

Utility bills, home insurance, TV licence and telephone bills.

Why has my Council Tax bill been increased?

If your property has been empty for 12 months or longer, it may have had a levy added to it. For further information click on the link, or contact us.

I have received a discount or exemption review form. What do I do next?

Review forms are issued periodically to establish whether your circumstances have changed in any way in relation to the award of discount or exemption and to verify that you are still entitled to a reduction. 

If your circumstances are still the same as the previous year just tick the box, sign the declaration and return the form to us. You may also need enclose evidence if requested.

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