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Housing Options Guide-1b

Rent levels for our properties

Rents for our properties vary according to:

  • the size and type of the property;
  • its location; 
  • the standard of kitchen; 
  • if the property has a garden;
  • heating type;
  • if it has double glazing; and 
  • how recently the property was built.  

This table summarises our average weekly rents by housing market area (HMA), type and bedroom size.

Demand for our housing

Moray is a popular place to live.  For every council house that becomes available, there is an average of seven applicants.  Unfortunately due to the demand for housing, not everyone who applies is successful.  

We allocate our housing based on the need of applicants. Applications are assessed in line with our allocations policy, vacant properties are then offered to people assessed as being in the greatest need of housing.  

Demand for our housing varies.  In some areas there is a lengthy waiting list with few properties being allocated.  However, in other areas there is some limited demand and therefore applicants can qualify quickly for an allocation.

Your chance of being offered one of our properties will depend on the supply and demand for housing in the area that you would like to live in.  This includes: 

  • How often a vacancy occurs for the type of property you need in the area that you want to live; 
  • Your position on our housing list.  For waiting and transfer applicants, your position on the list will depend on how many points your application has been awarded.  The more points you have, the greater your chance of being offered a home.  If you are on our homeless list you will not be awarded points.  Instead, offers are usually made to the household that has been waiting for permanent accommodation for the longest amount of time.

How we let our properties

We let our stock, based on our Allocations Policy.   This policy helps us decide who we think is in most need of housing and how to make the best use of the housing we have available.

Find more information on our Allocations Policy.

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