What is the bank account number for payment of Council Tax?

If making a payment by this method, using your bank's service, you must quote the Moray Council's bank's sorting code 80-06-66 and bank account number 00111513. Please also ensure you quote your Council Tax account number, as shown on your bill. For further information contact us.

I have changed bank details. What do I do?

Please contact us to arrange for a new Direct Debit instruction to be sent to you or download, print, complete and return the Direct Debit instruction.

My account is in credit. Can I have my money back?

If your account is in credit we will issue you with a credit bill showing the amount overpaid. We will normally return the overpaid amount to your bank account if we hold your details or issue a cheque if no details are available. You can also request the overpayment to be transferred to credit another liability you may have with us.

Note: As a matter of course we will check to see if you have any other accounts outstanding to the Council. If you have we may take all or part of your refund to pay these accounts.

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