How is Council Tax Calculated?

The amount you have to pay depends on the valuation band of your property. The Assessor decides the valuation band of your property by calculating what the market value of your property would have been on 1 April 1991. In other words, how much you could have reasonably been expected to sell your house for on 1 April 1991. Further information can be found on the valuation bands by clicking on the link.

The council sets the Council Tax charge for Band D properties and the other bands pay a proportion of this figure. You can find out this year's charge by clicking on the link.

The Scottish Water Authority sets Water and Waste Water charges that are subject to scrutiny from the Water Industry Commissioner and the Scottish Executive. Your bill may show a charge for Water and Waste Water and if you have a query relating to the charge levels, quality or supply, please telephone the Scottish Water Authority helpline: 0845 601 8855.

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