Case 035 - East Road, Elgin

Formation of Road and Footpaths to serve proposed commercial estate of Linkwood Roundabout, East Road, Elgin

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Application No: 10/00524/APP


Documents associated for Linkwood Roundabout, East Road, Elgin
Date of PublicationType of DocumentDocument Name
22/8/11FormNotice of Review
22/8/11PaperGrounds for Review
22/8/11LetterInterested Parties Notification
12/9/11PapersGrounds for Review Attachment
12/9/11Letter and PapersFurther Representation Notification and  Attachment
27/9/11LettersApplicant's Response to Further Representations and Appendix
30/9/11LetterNew Evidence-Applicant Notification
30/9/11LetterAppointed Officer Notification
30/9/11LetterInterested Parties Notification
30/9/11LetterSite Inspection
16/11/11LetterLetter of Withdrawal
16/11/11LetterConfirmation of Withdrawal

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