What is Museum-in-a-Box?

We have developed a small range of resource for use in the classroom, or by other learners. Each kit contains a selection of museum objects, illustrations, work sheets, photographs and other supporting information, and fits easily into one or two small boxes for transporting.

These kits contain real, original museum material that you are welcome to handle. We have designed them so that they complement topics in the 5-14 curriculum.

We currently have boxes covering the following subjects:

  • The Victorians
  • Trade & Transport
  • Navigation
  • Early Man

The boxes are free for any Moray school or recognised community group to borrow.

Please ask us well in advance of when you will need a kit, as there is a continuous demand for them. We normally lend each kit for a period of not more than four weeks at a time. Please do not ask to receive kits before you need them, as this may prevent another school or group from using them.

We can usually arrange to deliver a kit using the Council's drivers and transport, but it is also possible for you to collect them from, and return them directly to, the Falconer Museum in Forres. Do please remember to allow time for delivery.

We understand that very occasionally things in the kits may get damaged, but do please try to take care of the material so that others may enjoy using it.

We usually include a comment and feedback sheet with the box, so please remember to return it after you have finished with the box.

Our topic is not included in the list. Can you help us?

Yes. Remember that the Museums Service has thousands of objects in the collections, covering a wide range of subjects. We would be very pleased to discuss any specific needs that your school might have, but please give us plenty of notice of your needs.

I run a community group, not a school. Can we borrow some objects?

Yes. You are welcome to borrow one of the kits described, but perhaps we can put together something more tailored to your needs. For example, if you run a children's group such as Cubs or Guides; or if you run an adult group (perhaps in a care home for the elderly), we can find objects which can be used for reminiscence sessions, or to help children to better understand their past. Please contact us for details.

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