Local Review Body (Administration)

The Moray Local Review Body (MLRB) is a quasi-judicial committee of the Council whose purpose is to review (reconsider) decisions made by an Appointed Officer (original decision maker) where the Officer has either:-

(a) refused an application for planning permission; or
(b) approved an application for planning permission subject to condition(s).

In respect of (a) and (b) above, the Notice of Review (NOR) must be served on the MLRB within 3 months of the decision notice.

A NOR may also be served (within 3 months) following failure by the Appointed Officer to make a decision within 2 months of the validation date (or 4 months if the development requires an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)).

NORs received outwith this 3 month time limit will be rejected as invalid.

Submitting a Notice of Review 

Notice of Review Form
Notice of Review Guidance Notes

Using the form above, a NOR may be submitted directly to Moray Council via the details below or through ePlanning Scotland.

It is very important to note that the NOR should be completed thoroughly and accompanied by all documents that the Applicant wishes to rely on.  The legislation is framed in such a way that the Applicant will usually not have a further opportunity to make their case.

Local Review Body Process

A flow chart summarising the process that a NOR follows after submission to the MLRB can be found here.

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